Protect yourself from dangerous rays which comes from sunwith the help of window films


The window of commercial building and our home building need the protection with UV rays and allergies. In that case, window films have the ability to protect us from UV rays which comes in the building through the window.

Solar Control Film designs to reduce the solar heat transmitted through window glass.Solar heat pours in through unprotected windows. In this case, solar control window film can help us from solar heat which transmitted through window glass by increasing absorption and reflection through the glass.

American window film provides you quality films which gives you a satisfaction result. All window films of our company have the added feature of UV inhibitors involved in the laminated construction. We provide long life expectancy without becoming cracking and brittle films. It helps to provide added protection for people, furnishings and building content. Our films help to protect to patients with ultra violet rays and allergies. It can provide you excellent privacy screening. The main advantages of solar control window film over more traditional methods of solar control like blinds are; durability, zero to low maintenance and easy to install

Our films help you to conserve the energy. Window films add aesthetics to any home or commercial building, but solar rejection and energy conservation is the main goal in the application. We are facing hardest struggles when it comes to saving money and protecting ourselves and our family from infrared rays, UV rays and solar heat gain. In the other words, energy conservationmeans that you are using energy efficient appliances and products and cutting back on your energy consumption.


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