Improve Energy Efficiency with Window Tinting

Window tint can be installed to the interior of glass surfaces in buildings, homes and vehicles as well. They are also known as thin film. They are installed for different purposes. Some of the uses are heat and glare reduction, safety and privacy, UV filtration, thermal insulation, decorative purposes, protection from graffiti and security. Window films are available in different shades, colors, and designs. They can be installed by a professional company, but there are also DIY kits available in the market. If you want to purchase the 3m Window Film, then you can contact a reliable company.

American Window Film, Inc. specializes in providing sales and installation of high quality products. We are here to install a wide range of window film products for residential and commercial customers. Our company serves Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Georgia that includes metropolitan areas of Boston, Atlanta, Providence and Manchester. We are dedicated to providing top quality products that are manufactured by 3M Company throughout the contiguous United States.

All the products delivered by us offer UV protection, energy conservation, energy efficiency, safety, privacy and a complete peace of mind. You can get Glass Tinting from our company to improve the comfort and appearance of your entire property. Our company provides top quality products and installation services at great prices. Our services are available for commercial, residential and national retail, including restaurants, malls, schools, institutions, hospitals, government facilities, and condos.


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